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Auto Chemistry Analyzer AU240

System function

Fully automated, discrete, random access for routine, STAT; auto washing; STAT sample priority

Throughout    Up to 240 T/H (without ISE);  315 T/H (with ISE)

Test principle  Colorimetry, Turbidimetry

Methodology   End-point, Kinetics, Fixed-time

Reagent        Open system, optional for closed system

Carry over      ≤ 0.005%

Water consumption    ≤5 L/H

Optional       Barcode reader, ISE(K+, Na+, Cl-), Touch screen

Sample/Reagent System

Sample/Reagent disk    40 positions for sample; 40 positions for reagent, 24 hours non-stop cooling system

Sample volume         2~50μL ,step by 0.1μL

Reagent volume:

R1:        150μL~450μL, step by 1μL

R2:        10μL ~300μL , step by 1μL

Sample/Reagent probe    Liquid level detection, probe depth adjustment automatically, collision protection

Reagent bottle     Compatible with reagent bottles of HITACHI and OLYMPUS

Reaction System   

Reaction cuvette   81 cuvettes, Special ultraviolet transmitting plastic cuvetteOptional for Disposable/Quartz glass cuvettes

Reaction volume    150μL~500μL

Heating            Full-sealed constant temperature, solid heating by metal

Reaction temp.    37±0.1℃

Mixing system      Independent mixing probe

Washing system   6-step auto washing system, washed by enhanced wash solution 

Optical system

Light source      20W/12V halogen lamp, lifetime of more than 2000 hours, water cooling system

Photometric method  Full-sealed Matrix Spectrometric System

Wavelength       8 wavelengths, 340nm, 405nm, 450nm, 510nm, 546nm, 578nm, 630nm, 670nm, support single/dual wavelength

Resolution       0.0001Abs

Absorbance range   0~3.5Abs   

CV                  ≤ 1.5%

Half Band Accuracy  ≤±2nm

Detector             Photodiode detector array


Calibration mode   One point Linear, Two pint Linear, Multi-piont         Linear, Logit-log 4P, Logit-5P, Spline, Exponential, Polynomial

Control rule        Westgard multi-rule, Cumulative sum check,  Twin plot

QC warning        Out of control auto warning, data automatic record and analysis 

Operation unit

Operation system   Windows 7/10

Interface           RS-232C

LIS                Bi-LIS interface         


Power supply       AC 100V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz

Power             350W

Dimension         855×550×580 mm

Net weight         75.0Kg 

Optional modules

Barcode reader

Touch screen with computer

ISE module

Laser printer

Water purification

The standard configuration

Main unit,Charger,wash dilution 1000ml,wash concentrate 1000ml,operation manual, approval certification, warranty card,20Liter water tank without cover (50cmX35cmX19cm)X2pcs,50ml reagent bottle 1pc,30ml reagent bottles 20pcs,15ml reagent bottles 20pcs,etc...

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